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What sets Freight House Fitness apart from other gym’s, The trainers, the atmosphere and the since of community. It’s like nothing you have ever experienced at a gym before. Many people have said they never felt so welcomed as they do at FHF. The workouts are 30 minutes but extremely effective, efficient and convenient for your busy life. The workouts are programmed in a way to help transform your body to your ideal goal and having a ton of FUN at the same time. Every member of the gym has a personal accountability coach who keeps track of their goal and makes sure their held accountable. Every member also gets a custom nutrition plan and access to our 72 hour fat loss nutrition portal. At FHF you will get the results that you are looking to achieve with the guidance of national accredited personal trainers!


Story About Us

The Things You Should Know

us lance

About us

Where we came from

Sean and Kendra met in 2010. Sean was currently laid off from his job on the railroad and really wanting to make the leap into being a personal trainer. Kendra was a former athlete and always into working out for as long as she could remember. She even remembers using her mom’s ab roller when she was little in the living room while watching cartoons. Kendra knew Sean’s desires and she knew that Sean could be a great trainer. Kendra was working full time as a hair stylist and was super creative, artistic and had a passion for design. 


me lance


Owner/Coach. ISSN Nutritionist.

kendra lance


Owner/Coach. Designer.



Yoga Instructor



Coach, Barre, Admin



Bootcamp Coach



Bootcamp/Accountability Coach



Yoga Instructor

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Bootcamp Coach

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