January 30, 2018

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Before I joined Freight House two years ago I had been a pretty active person working out on a fairly regular basis, not too concerned with my diet, just tried to keep a good balance. I pretty much had two workout routines I cycled through every other day, each taking an hour or more. Eventually this became boring and ineffective, so I knew I needed a change. Freight House was the answer! I love going to class knowing that each day is something new and the style of training is giving me the most efficient workout I can get in 30 minutes.

After going to Freight House for a little over a year, I was in the best shape I had been in a long time. Then, life. . . okay, let’s be real . . .excuses happened. I love my job and my commitment to it became my excuse not to make it to the gym. I started feeling a drop in my energy levels and the pounds began to slowly creep on. This started a vicious cycle of not working out because I was tired and being tired because I wasn’t working out. I ate whatever was fast, easy, and convenient. Clothes stopped fitting, and I began to feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Before I knew it three months had passed without going to the gym. I needed more accountability.

I joined the 90-day challenge having seen it work for so many other Freight House members and hoped that the accountability piece would help me get the results I wanted. It did! You can get the best diet and exercise advice, but none of it will make any difference unless you put it into practice. Having a support group of fellow challengers and Baylie as an accountability coach, I got all of the motivation and support I needed. The results were very gradual and at times it was hard to believe that things were changing. But I continued to trust the process and by the end of the challenge I not only met my goal of losing 15 pounds, but passed it! I lost 17 pounds and 8.4% body fat. I feel stronger than I did before with more energy which allows me to be more productive in the all other parts of my life.






Adrianne After - Chalkboard


Adrianne After - Front Lean


Wonderful After Photos by TheNewMeJourney Photography