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May 2, 2017

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Stephanie’s hard work & support group helped her accomplish her goals!

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I was active in my youth and like any teenager with high metabolism, I could eat whatever I wanted without consequence because I was constantly moving. In high school I ran cross-country in the summer/fall and I ran track in the spring. When I graduated and high school sports were over, I still ate as though I were running every day. I became pregnant with my son, gained 60 lbs. and never lost it. 20 more pounds were added when my daughter arrived a few years later. I tried, here and there, to start eating better and exercising more, but I didn’t make myself enough of a priority to stick with anything for very long so I became a little more depressed every time I looked at myself in a dressing room mirror and knew I had to try on a bigger size.

    Two years ago, I started a new job and a new lunch hour workout routine. In May of 2016, my sister and I started our first month at Freight House after finding them on Groupon but, while we loved it, 8 months passed before we went back (it had nothing to do with the burpees, I promise.) During that time I received the emails and Facebook updates about the 90 Day Challenge participants wishing I was seeing those same results. My sister and I finally decided that enough was enough – we were going back to Freight House and we were doing the next challenge together. I wasn’t worried about not being in the best shape – I knew I could do the workouts even if I had to modify them for a while. My eating habits were horrendous so the nutrition aspect was the biggest selling point for me.   

    Keeping track of my calories was not nearly as hard as I anticipated and I learned what macros were. I had the best cheerleaders in my co-workers and family and I don’t know how successful I would have been without the support system I had around me but having my best friend/sister do this with me, pushing me to keep going every day, and keeping me on track was the best part of the 90 Day Challenge. I understand now why guys love looking at their muscles in the mirror after a workout – I do it too! I am so happy Sean and Kendra created such an amazing atmosphere in Freight House Fitness.” – Stephanie


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