August 5, 2017

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Spencer Leans Out in Just 30 Days!



I moved to Kansas City, MO from Arizona in June of 2016 to begin my journey of medical school. Prior to moving, my wife and I exercised 4-5 days per week by doing the Beach Body® program “Insanity” in our garage. I was also a college football player and lifted frequently since freshman year of high school. I am an active person, but moving to a loft downtown without a garage and starting medical school lead to me being mostly inactive. On top of this, I am a bone-a-fide stress eater, and the competition in school provided more than enough stress for me to run to the sweets… constantly. After a few months of inactivity and a poor diet, my weight jumped to around 220lbs. My wife and I decided to search around for a gym that fit both of our needs. We needed a welcoming and encouraging environment that provided an effective and efficient workout. Based on our past experiences in Arizona, this was no small task. Freight House Fitness was the first gym we tried in the Fall of 2016 and we instantly knew that it fit our needs. The 30-minute work-out period fits my busy schedule perfectly, as trying to exercise for an hour or more led to excuses of being far too busy to commit to an exercise routine. I was relatively consistent in my workouts at about 4 days per week from when I started attending Freight House, but I really wanted to push myself to lose the extra stubborn weight. From Fall of 2016 until April 2017 I went from 220lbs. to 200lbs. but I was stuck at 200lbs. for around two months. This is when, with the encouragement of my wife, I decided to do the 30-day challenge in May of 2017.

The 30-day challenge resulted in everything I had hoped for. I lost 12lbs. and dropped to my lowest weight since high school. I am lifting more than I have lifted in a few years, and my body fat percentage dropped from 13% to 10%. I noticed a significant difference in my body in just 30 days and could not be happier with the results. For me, the nutrition aspect of the challenge was nothing new to what I have learned previously, but the commitment and support from Sean, Kendra, and the whole team at Freight House is what allowed me to get over the hump and meet my goals. Sometimes, just knowing that other people are in the fight with you to better yourself is what is needed to reach new heights, I know that was for me and many others doing the same thing right now.

Thank you, guys, for everything you do!


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Interested?  Come to one of the interest meetings at FHF on Saturday, September 2nd at 10:15 AM and Sunday, September 3rd at 9:30 AM.

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