90 day challenge

February 18, 2014

90 Day Challenge and 30 Day Shred

Every 90 days we get a group of committed bootcampers together that want to take it to the next level! Who want a nutrition plan, weekly nutrition adjustmimageents like carb cycling, refeed days, reverse dieting, etc. Who want a workout plan on top of the bootcamps to shed some serious fat in 90 days. We’ve seen some amazing transformations from this. Woman losing 25-30 lbs of fat. Men losing 30-50 lbs of fat!!! Sean is an ISSN nutritionist and trains for fitness competitions and photo shoots where he needs to be down to 3% body fat. Through his coaching you’ll learn things you never have before! Are you ready to take on the challenge?!?! Here is some success stories…

brooke before and after

“I began attending bootcamp at Freight House Fitness in August and it was unlike any other form of exercise I have experienced. I left each workout feeling challenged and exhausted, but I kept coming back because the community at Freight House Fitness was so welcoming and fun! It was easy to make friends with other boot campers and the trainers made an effort to know and encourage me.

Exercising gave me a great sense of accomplishment each day and my body felt stronger, but I didn’t see the full results of my hardwork until I began the Freight House Fitness 90 Day Challenge.

The personalized nutrition plan that Sean and Kendra created for me helped me gain awareness about the foods I was eating. I recognized that I was eating too many calories and not consuming enough protein. The trainers at Freight House Fitness are incredibly educated about nutrition and were always available to answer the questions I had regarding my experience. Sean and Kendra listened to my expectations for the 90 Day Challenge, and they took my eating preferences and goals into consideration when creating a plan for me.

The regular communication and positive demeanor of each Freight House Fitness instructor encouraged me and helped me to be accountable for the duration of the challenge.

I recommend the Freight House Fitness 90 Day Challenge to everyone! It is perfect for people who want to achieve fitness goals, learn about personal health and nutrition, lose weight, and HAVE FUN!

The Freight House Fitness 90 Day Challenge gave me tools that are sustainable for lifelong healthy living, and I will use what I leaned through this experience the rest of my life.” – Brooke

Amesha before and after

“Before the 90 Day Challenge:
I had been regularly going to boot camp at Freight House since they opened last April. While I found myself getting stronger, I wasn’t getting the results that I really wanted from consistently working out. I really wanted to slim down and I knew that I needed special attention to jump start my weight loss journey.  
During the Challenge:
Man, this was hard. sticking to something for 90 days is difficult. It is definitely mind over matter. Food prep and sticking to the diet was the hardest part. I know that nutrition would be my biggest obstacle in this process and I stuck to it as best as possible. I had a couple off days, but nothing too detrimental. One of the best parts of this process was doing it with 14 other people. Freight House has always felt like a community, but during the Challenge the support from others gave me reassurance that I wasn’t alone. We could rejoice together, share our struggles, offer advice, complain together, and give Sean and Kendra the evil eye together when they gave us the next phase of the program; which usually involved cutting more calories and adding more workouts!
Post Challenge:
I am SO happy that I decided to take a leap of faith and do the Challenge. The knowledge that I have gained will last a lifetime. I have lost more weight and body fat in 3 months than I have in one year, amazing. I now know what I need to do to maintain a healthy body and manage my weight. Keyword: MACROS! It was tough for sure, but when you put it in perspective, 90 days is nothing when thinking about the rest of your life. ” – Amesha
Joel Before and After

“My wife Jessica and I started working out at Freight House Fitness in September of 2014. My wife saw a Groupon and thought it would be a fun way to work out together. From our very session we were hooked. Sean and Kendra were always so nice and welcoming; it made it that much easier to come. In the beginning it was our goal to work out at least three times a week. I would be lying if I told you it wasn’t tough. But with the guidance and positive attitudes of Sean and Kendra we pushed on. During the first couple of months we didn’t change our diet at all, we still ate out almost every night, and I ate terrible lunches. I was frustrated that I was putting effort into working out, and only seeing nominal results. That’s when we signed up for the 90 Day Challenge.

My wife and I started the 90 Day Challenge in January 2015. After getting weighed in, measured, and photos taken we knew we had some serious work to do. From the very beginning Sean was great at providing guidance with our diets and workout routines. He came up with a great diet that was difficult, but not impossible. From that moment forward we were committed. We started coming to work out every day the gym was open. We prepared all of our meals for the week on the weekends and followed the diet to the letter. Finally some results! I was astounded at how quickly my body reacted to my new diet. I wasn’t starving, if anything there were times I had to force myself to eat! Over the next three months we worked diligently toward our personal goals. Sean adjusted the diet and the work out every week with a purpose. After it was all said and done I lost 30 pounds and dropped to 9 percent body fat. I could not have hoped for a better outcome.

Over the next couple months and beyond we are now conditioned to check the nutrition facts of everything we eat. We are still making our meals for the week and still working out every day, not because we HAVE to, but because we WANT to. I am confident that the 90 Day Challenge changed my life, without it I would be 30 pounds heavier and not nearly as centered on fitness and nutrition as I am now. Don’t do something because other people expect you to. Do it because you want to.” – Joel