January 2, 2018

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Sarah Lost 16lbs in 90 Days!


Tired mom of 2 toddlers!

During a time of extreme stress, worry and lots of things I simply could not control; I had to take the plunge and do something for myself. As a former soccer player, someone who enjoys exercise (and food), being fit was always something that came with fun, ease and with an entire team working just as hard & supporting me all along the way. Since I graduated (a long time ago), I have tried working out on my own, have dabbled with running & ran quite a few 5Ks, and a couple of 1/2 marathons but could never get into a good, constant groove. The last couple of years have been a crazy whirlwind. Went back to school, landed my dream job, got married, had a couple of kiddos… life got busy, stressful and just plain hard. I definitely got lost in the shuffle. I put myself and well-being on the back burner. I was super self-conscious and ultimately felt it necessary to get back to myself & to start to set an example of health and self-worth for my kids.

I of course eased myself back into the gym, with a good friend by my side (I’m not doing this alone!), by trying a Groupon. No long term commitments, here! My friend and I attended often & I was really starting to get back to my old self. My mental state was improving, I was feeling pretty great & I was seeing some results! With a 90-Day Challenge being advertised–  I went on a whim & enrolled!! I was having a crazy moment. Physically I was getting stronger and mentally I was in a better place than I had been in years. With more bootcamp classes, nutrition assistance, some stellar accountability & my old competitive self coming back– I thought, why not?! Class was refreshing and fun- It was exactly what I needed. I went all in. I tracked my meals, followed all the instructions, asked a ridiculous amount of weird questions & people started noticing big changes. I was thrilled.

I have a full-time job, family, a busy schedule and lots of stress. It was time for me to put myself as a priority & I found that by taking time for myself and to get in a much healthier place, I was a better mom for it! I have more energy, sleeping better & I’m feeling much more refreshed each day.  I have continued to attend bootcamp & with 2018 here- I have set some pretty big goals. As my kids grow, I want to continue this journey & be a healthy role model for my kids; to always have the energy they deserve. In total I lost over 16 pounds, 4% body fat but gained an incredible amount of self-worth & confidence & strength.

Well, just so happened that 3 days after the Groupon this 90 Day Challenge was starting. I thought about doing this Challenge for the 3 days & just decided to take the plunge.

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Sarah Mead After - SideSarah Mead Chalkboard

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Wonderful After Photos by TheNewMeJourney Photography