April 25, 2017

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Rebecca sheds 20 lbs & 8% bodyfat!


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“I first heard about FHF when a friend at the office asked if anyone was interested in trying it out a free bootcamp class. Only two responded, so we decided to wait. I kept checking out the website and followed the Facebook page, but wasn’t quite ready to try it on my own.

Eventually, three of us from the office tried that first free class. We picked a Friday because the description was “Fun Friday”.   Well, that fun Friday was the first time I ever did a burpee in my life and it didn’t fit my description of fun. However, I didn’t die. Everyone, including Sean and Kendra, was so welcoming and friendly, that my sister and I decided to try out the discounted month. I loved it, but still wasn’t mentally ready to take that leap.

I continued running and working out at another gym, but I had hit a plateau. Finally, after always seeing updates about the 90 day challenge and the transformation of others, I knew this is what I needed. This was my time and I wasn’t getting any younger. Plus, I had two young kids at home looking up to me. They deserved a healthy and in shape Momma.

The first few weeks were hard, I won’t lie. The meal prepping, the macros, the logging of everything…. and weekends….oh the weekends! Thankfully, Sean was there to help us with the nutrition plan, macros, recipes and other helpful tips. Spoiler alert-you don’t have to eat chicken and broccoli every day. Bonus, the workouts were only 30 minutes.

It started to get easier. The meal prepping had become a Sunday routine and making better, smarter choices was getting more natural. I looked forward to wearing tanks to the gym and seeing my muscles transform! The best part of this life changing journey was having my sister do this with me. Knowing my best friend was counting on me, motivated me to try harder and I love a good competition. After 90 days, I was able to shed nearly 20 lbs. and 8% body fat. I feel better, I feel strong and I am ready to continue this lifestyle. I even have 5 co-workers that join me in class now.

Freight House is much more than a gym, it really is a family. I have welcomed burpees as a staple in my life and I always look forward to the next workout.” – Rebecca

90 day challenge

You can book to save a spot for the next 90 Day Challenge group starting in July or the 30 Day Shred starts this Monday May 1st! Click Here to sign up! The deadline for the 30 Day Shred is this Saturday April 29th, 2017!

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