November 28, 2017

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Leanne Lost 14 Pounds… And That’s Just the Beginning!

I have always enjoyed fitness, on and off throughout my life I would work out, eat well, succeed, and fall off.  This cycle was so much a part of me that I have refused to get rid of my wide array of jean sizes in my closet. I knew myself all too well and I knew my size 6 would surely become a size 8 then a size 10 and finally when I found myself wearing only sweats would I wake up and get back on the band wagon.  In January of 2017 I said enough- I would be done yo-yo ing forever.  So back I went….restrictive (unrealistic) diets and long boring workouts. Needless to say that plan failed as well, as they always did. Giving up on the diet part I said to myself “Ok just focus on what part of “thin” you enjoy”, and that for me was lifting weights.  I loved to feel strong, even at my heaviest when I lifted I felt good about myself, I had self esteem that surpassed the need to fit back in my jeans, and so I set out to find a non cross fit gym that could give me access to that self esteem I needed.
Enter Freight House Fitness.  I peeped the website for a few weeks, read all the reviews, followed them on Facebook and finally decided to give them a try. From the minute I stepped foot in I knew this would be it for me. I started working out 4-5 days a week, fell in love with the 30 minute classes and the variety they offered.  About 5 weeks into my time at FHF the trainers began to talk about the next challenge coming up.  I went back and forth with myself – would this challenge have a restrictive diet? ( I vowed never to do that again ), was I going to set myself up for another cycle of all or nothing attitude that would eventually end in wearing sweatpants with a box of pizza? But then an email went out talking about the challenge, and  I saw the magic word “MACROS”. A term that has confused me for years.  I tried to figure out my macros before and I found the more I tried to do research the more confused I got, the more I quit trying.  But here right in front of my eyes was a trainer telling me that they would help me with my macros. I signed up for the challenge right then and there.
Starting calories: WOW- when I calculated my starting calories I had to check it three times. I could not believe I was allowed to eat that many calories! After watching Sean’s video about how we need to “feed our metabolism” I realized I have been making up some arbitrary number of calories in my head that I should have without the science to back it up. But here right in front of me was a number I never dreamed of.  I started tracking my macros and eating…a lot….. and something happened, I lost weight.  But not only that, my body started to change.  Definition and tone started to show in places I have tried YEARS to tone. Week after week I tracked and I worked out and week after week I saw progress.  But more importantly I changed my mindset.  No longer was I a slave to eating salads all week only to binge on the weekend.  No longer was a slave to the “lean cuisine”.  I was eating…saying no to nothing, just learning how to fit it in my macros.  I learned portion control and enjoyed myself when I indulged on something instead of the self-pitty and loathing I used to do. The workouts were always fresh, challenging and the trainers are always so quick to help and encourage. The 6 weeks flew by!
 Overall I lost 14 pounds and 4.5 inches.  The thing that made me the most proud is my fitness journey didn’t end with the end of the challenge as it had in the past, this time it has just begun. (I finally threw my “fat pants” away)
Leanne After - Fitness 2
Leanne After Chalkboard

Amazing after photos by Rob Smith Photography