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November 21, 2017

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Lauren Finds Motivation and Loses 10% BodyFat!

lauren before and after


My overall health and fitness has always been a roller coaster. Growing up I played sports and was always fairly athletic. Even through my twenties, I always maintained around the same body shape and weight, whether I was working out or not. Then… age 30 hit me like a ton of bricks and my body really started to change, weight shifted and I started to gain in places I never had before. Over the last two years I have worked on my fitness in spurts. I would find a gym or trainer I liked, start getting in great shape, and then completely fall off the wagon after a couple of months.

I signed up for Freight House about 6 months ago while preparing for a trip to Peru and Bolivia which I had planned on doing LOTS of high elevation hiking (super smart for my out of shape self). I immediately loved it and got in much better shape pre-trip. After the long vacation, I came back and my workouts became sparse. I found out about the 30 day challenge through the FHF newsletter and thought, now THIS is something I can do. I thought that I would fail miserably with the diet and while I am not perfect by any means, I did absolutely 1,000% times better than I imagined I could. I actually developed some will power and it became a habit – which is HUGE for me.

Overall, I just want to be happier and healthier and I know that being in shape will give me the confidence boost that I really need. I ALSO am recently engaged and talk about a kick in the rear… I refuse to not be in the best shape of my life on my wedding day. Vein? Maybe. 🙂 Just want to get back to being the best version of myself and being in shape is half the battle.

The challenge went great! While I know that I have a TON more work to do, weight to shed and muscles to build… I now know that I CAN do it. The toughest part for me was and will always continue to be the diet but the flexible dieting plan has shown me that good for you food does not have to equal boring. I overcame my constant will power, or lack-there-of, issues and really learned to stick with it and the results will come!

Overall, I lost 6.9lbs and 10% body fat!


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Amazing After Photos by TheNewMeJourney Photography