May 15, 2017

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Kelsey, Mom of 2 loses body fat by lifting heavier!

kelsey 2


     “A few years ago I started running and training for half marathons (then even ran a full marathon!). Running helped some with the stress, anxiety, and depression I was going through from my recent divorce. But I never truly felt like I was in shape and I constantly lacked energy, which was probably because I was an emotional eater. My diet consisted of fast food, donuts (lots of donuts), and my kids leftovers (couldn’t leave those dang French fries alone). I lost a lot of my self confidence and sense of who I was. I knew something had to change but had no idea where to start.

One day I stumbled across a post from Freight House. I had been following them for about a year on social media but never put too much thought into joining. Mostly because I was afraid it would turn out to be like every other gym I’ve joined: me walking in feeling embarrassed and like I didn’t belong, which would lead to me quitting within a month or so. Nevertheless, I decided to take a leap of faith and join FHF last summer. The first week of classes was rough. I thought I was going to throw up with every burpee I did and there were so.many.burpees. BUT I loved the feeling I had following each workout and couldn’t wait for the next class. I knew that this wasn’t like any of the other gyms I had been to. I instantly felt welcomed and at home.

At the beginning of the challenge I had this mindset of “oh I would love to lose x amount of weight and be skinny.” That mindset, plus my goals, began to change quickly. I started learning how proper nutrition fuels my body. I started to feel amazing and not so groggy. I had the energy I needed to keep up with my two boys. Slowly I began to feel myself getting stronger, lifting heavier weights, and shifting my mindset. I no longer wanted to just lose lbs and be skinny. I wanted to be healthier, stronger, and continue to lift heavier weights. By the end of the challenge I lost 16lbs and went from 28% body fat to 20%! I FINALLY felt like I was in shape!

Joining FHF has been the mental, emotional, and physical change I needed. Since the challenge I’ve continued with counting macros, working out 5-6 times a week, and crushing those goals of lifting heavier. I can’t thank Sean and Kendra enough with helping me through this transformation.” – Kelsey