Joey Z After - Front Weights

July 14, 2017

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Joey loses 12% Body Fat and 10lbs in 90 Days!

Joey Z After - Front Weights


Joey’s Success Story!!

I am a 25 year old college student at UMKC studying English and History. I have always been active but am very lazy and shy.  I played sports throughout Elementary and High School. But, for one reason or another, at about 12, I stopped being able to eat whatever I wanted and instead of changing my diet, I just kept eating terrible foods. As a result I just kept gaining weight and it continued for years until I got to my peak weight of 267 pounds.  I remember after dropping out of college to pursue a career as a chef, (to make a long story, super short) I came home for my grandpa’s 75th birthday and my stepmom took a picture of me and my brothers, who are both slim in shape guys.  When she showed me the picture I was so upset with the way I looked I waited till she left the table and deleted it.  It was that moment I began a long journey of losing weight and then plateauing for a while, and then gaining weight, never getting to where I want to be.


Eventually I quit the chef life and went back to college.  At this point it’s been a couple years and I have been all over with my health and fitness, getting to my lowest weight of 187 pounds and then I moved into a senior house with my 12 of my fraternity brothers at KU and immediately gained 30-40 pounds when I stopped eating probably around 1000 calories a day. Since this was happening to some of my friends as well we decided to join a CrossFit gym we heard about.  It did do a lot of good actually.  I was probably the strongest I had ever been.  But they really pushed you to work out with heavy weights and ignored you if you were not the best person in the class.  I did like the style of class, I just didn’t like CrossFit as a whole.  The style was a sort of boot camp like we are doing now but much worse.  I even remember telling my friends at the time, I like it, but I wish it were more of like a circuit, doing more than just squatting and pike (fake) pullups.  Eventually it closed down and everyone I lived with graduated but I was like 3 years behind so I transferred to UMKC.  Not really working out and going home to eat with my mom did nothing for my goals, so I started looking for a new gym.


While walking my dog around West Port I saw a sign for a personal trainer. I decided to try it out, and thought it was exactly what I wanted.  The problem was it was $450 a month, for 3 times a week, I immediately regretted signing up for 6 months, being a broke college student, I absolutely could not afford it.  Luckily and sadly, after only 4 sessions apparently there was some sort of revolt against the owner and all the trainers quit or something.  So I got out of my contract.  That is how I found Freight House Fitness!


I decided to do it right this time.  I did research about circuit training and boot camps around KC.  Freight House Fitness was rated in the top on like every site I looked at, so I decided to give it a go.  And man oh man was it exactly what I wanted.  I came for a first day to Sean and Kendra’s old location which was up what seemed like 8 flights of stairs to my first workout.  First thing I noticed was that it was extremely well decorated, which is a great first sign.  Then, I walked in nervously and Sean walked up a greeted me immediately and then Kendra came over and said hi, and I already had way better experiences here than at any other gym.  Some of the nicest people you’ll meet, plus sometimes they bring their adorable baby Byron for some extra motivation.


I found out about the 90 day challenge when on my first week there people were getting weighed and measured, and talking to Sean about what to eat and not to eat.  Quickly discovered they were all doing the challenge.  I thought it looked like a good idea.  However, I fell off the face of the map for a good 3 months, busy with school work and stuff.  Noticing I was losing all the muscle I had gained from working out and gaining fat again.  I knew it was time to go back, and it must have been fate or something, because my first week back was the deadline to sign up for their next one.  I signed up and here we are.  Overall it was amazing.  I unfortunately did not take it as seriously as I should have because I had 2 jobs over the summer as well as taking classes, so I was so overwhelmed.  But the results did show.  If I followed it to a T, then who knows where I would have been.  I am doing it again at the moment so I really did enjoy it.  In the end I lost 10 pounds and 12% body fat.  I would recommend this to anyone.  Thanks Sean and Kendra for everything.




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