October 14, 2015

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Jenny followed the 90 day plan to the “T” to lose 19 lbs and 9% bodyfat!

Jenny before and after


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My Story

By Jenny Tran

     So my story is not just about a pretty girl longing to be skinny again. It’s a story about a girl who longed to revive something in herself, it’s about vulnerability, it’s about freedom from the past and it’s about moving others and inspiring them to make the choice to move forward.

     I began my journey with Sean and Kendra at Freight House Fitness when they first opened. I grew to love the high impact, 30 minutes boot camps because they were quick, easy, and they challenged me. I thought I ate fairly healthy, I wasn’t over-weight and was fairly active outside the gym. However, there were a couple of life events that had happened during this time that I realized were holding me back from really taking ownership of my health.

     In the spring of 2014 my husband and I found out we were expecting twins. YES, very exciting- yet scary! We already had a 3 year old son and we were ready to expand our family. It was 2 and half months later we lost both babies and it was a very painful experience. Being rooted in our faith and support of friends and family was what carried us through the stormy season. We pressed on, not giving up hope, that one day again soon, we would celebrate another miracle. Thanksgiving of 2014, we found out we were pregnant again. Excited and nervous we scheduled an appointment to see our doctor. After attending our first ultrasound, there was a heartbeat, but it was a weak one. We persistently prayed and a couple of weeks later we returned for another ultrasound, to hear the heartbreaking news, we lost the baby. While everyone was celebrating the 2015 new year, we were undergoing another miscarriage; heartbroken, hurt and confused.

     Starting my 90 day challenge at Freight House was a choice. You see, I was letting the idea of being pregnant steal the opportunity of getting healthy. I would tell myself, “why start, when I am just going to get pregnant.” The longing of having another child, held me back. It was the one thing that hindered me from moving forward. I share this with you today, to ask what is the one thing that is Holding You Back? What are you telling yourself? What is your, “if only” belief? If only I had enough money, time, discipline, energy, a perfect marriage, a perfect family, or had the perfect job…Then I could make the choice to work out and to get healthy.

     I am here to tell you today, that there is never the perfect timing! You just need to make the choice to start no matter where you are in life. The 90 day challenge was freeing for me, it was about letting go of the past, and embracing LIFE just as it is. I realized that I CAN be disciplined and that I DO have a choice and that I DON’T have to wait till life is perfect to begin something new. Sean and Kendra really take the time to design a plan that’s right for you, they hold you accountable, and they walk through the journey with you. I challenge you to make the step, to choose TODAY. Now is your time to be a happier and healthier YOU!

Jenny went from 137 lbs to 118 lbs. 24% body fat to 15%!!!


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