September 5, 2017

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Heidi Gains Confidence and the Freight House Family!

   Success Story!!!

    I visited Freight House when it was in its original building a few years ago. A guy friend at the time (who is now my husband) invited me to check it out. After my first class, it took me about a year to return when I decided working out alone at a fitness center wasn’t really my thing. The machines were intimidating and I lacked direction of what would benefit me the most. I wanted something more challenging and directed without having to pay the big bucks for a personal trainer.

Flash forward a year, and I made the move to join Freight House. I heard of the 90 Day Challenge from that same guy friend who was now my fiancé. I had always wanted to do a fitness challenge simply to prove to myself that I could do one. Growing up I was small in statute and an average athlete, but struggled internally with the way my body looked. Swimsuits were never viewed as friends. These past fears and struggles were a main motivation of participating in the 90-Day Challenge. I wanted to learn what my body truly needed nutrition wise and to see myself as “strong.” A word I never would have described myself as. The challenge definitely was not a walk in the park and there were some days where I wanted to quit just so I sleep in or eat Andy’s ice cream and not go over my macros. Though the beautiful thing about the challenge was that I learned to fuel my body and not starve it. One day Sean told me to go home and eat chicken alfredo pasta to meet my carbs. My jaw dropped. Since high school, I had avoided that dish like the plague knowing the calorie count for it. Through the challenge, it created a total mind shift from “what to avoid” to “what I need.”

Life after the challenge has been a whirlwind, including moving, getting married, and now owning a two-year old hound, but my Freight House family has been a constant. It’s a breath of air and stress release to walk in class. I’ve learned so much about weight lifting technique and am excited to challenge myself at the bar. I would’ve never thought I would learn how to back squat or clean and press and enjoy it so much. It’s been almost two years since I joined the Freight House family, and when I go to grab my weights now, it’s with so much more appreciation for the way my body was made.

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