October 31, 2017

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Hannah Surpasses Her Goals and Loses 14.2lbs!!

Hannah After Photos - Sign


Before joining Freight House, I was 6 months postpartum with my third child and struggling with my weight and energy. I was heavier than I had ever been in my life. I had previously purchased the home work out dvd’s and drank the protein shakes but couldn’t find the motivation to work out after a 12 hour shift and putting 3 kids to bed. I had been watching Sean and Kendra’s posts on facebook and decided to give their gym a try; especially after Sean told me they had a 5:15 am class I could attend before going to work! I fell in love with the way I felt after my first class (although my body hated it the next day). I joined the gym after my trial and started the 90 day challenge shortly after. I knew in order to change my body I was going to have to make some serious sacrifices.


The 90 Day Challenge definitely tested my dedication. I meal prepped weekly for myself while still making separate dinners for my family (and sometimes desserts even!).  It seemed like there were always unhealthy snacks and treats at work. Also, my co-workers were ordering lunch from somewhere or bringing in food to celebrate a birthday, co-worker leaving KU, etc. I knew I had to stay on track if I wanted a change.


The trainers at the gym were super supportive and always available for questions or reassurance via text, call or email. There were times when I went camping with my family or simply couldn’t get to the gym for a work out and Corina was happy to send me a work out I could do at home! My husband was another huge supporter and I couldn’t imagine doing it without him! There were days when we would drop my son off at football practice then go for a run as a family! My husband would push my baby and 4 year old in the jogger and I would have our Husky, Juno, while we ran 3 miles.


My goal was to get down to 135 lbs by the end of the challenge. However, I exceeded that goal and got down to 127 lbs (losing a total of 14.2 lbs), lost 4.2% body fat and over 15 inches total! I am so happy with my results and haven’t felt this good about my body since before my kids were born!


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Hannah After Photo - Fitness 4


Wonderful After Photos by TheNewMeJourney Photography!!