October 17, 2017

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Eliza Lost 18lbs & 8% body fat in 90 Days!

I joined Freight House in April of this year, because I knew I needed to challenge myself to get back into shape. I have a thyroid condition, so I have struggled with keeping weight off for several years. I looked thin to the untrained eye, but I was out of shape-I couldn’t keep up with my kids, and honestly my body jiggled in places I was not particularly fond of. I thought I was eating healthy for the most part-I didn’t drink soda, I ate whole wheat bread, you know stuff like that-but it wasn’t enough. I knew I needed to workout but I couldn’t motivate myself at home-there was always an excuse I made-the house, the kids-you know the drill.

After my first class at Freight House, I knew that this was the challenge I needed in my life. The first class was hard, but I saw people of all different ages and abilities there-simply trying their hardest and that was inspiring. I signed up the next day.

I had been going to the gym for a few months when the opportunity to do the 90 day challenge came along at the beginning of July. I knew what would be expected of me since I had done a shortened challenge during the month of May (30 day shred), but I don’t think I was as prepared as I’d hoped. Boot camps are tough-they always had been, but the nutrition portion of the challenge was more than I had bargained for. Planning for this challenge is key, and on the days when I planned my meals out it worked like a charm-I was never hungry, even with bootcamps, tabatas and eating less calories. I knew why-it’s because I was eating what was RIGHT for my body instead of what was convenient. I had to push myself in meal planning more than with any other part of the challenge.

There were tough days but there were also triumphs along the way. Every week I would find that not only had my weight and body fat percentage dropped, but I was able to do more in class. Hold a plank longer, do more push ups, lift more weight, run a little bit further-everything just a bit more than what I could the previous week. And as the weeks went by, I began to see my muscles defined and my energy up. It was also very encouraging to have our own little Facebook group of people that were all going through the challenge together. We could share ideas, triumphs, failures, and anecdotes about the challenge. Having our trainers and an accountability coach to keep us in check was also extremely helpful. They were tough, but encouraging, and always ready with answers when we had questions.

I couldn’t be happier with the physical results of the challenge, but the knowledge I gained about what works for my body with regards to nutrition is what honestly means the most to me. To be able to read a nutrition label and know what information is ACTUALLY important (hint, it’s not calories). Not only does it help me make better decisions for myself, but for my family as well.

Before Challenge:

Weight: 139

Body Fat %: 29%




After Challenge:

Weight: 120.6
Body Fat %: 21.4%

Eliza back collage Eliza side collage


After Photos provided by TheNewMeJourney Photography!

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