crystal and rex before and after

November 7, 2017

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Crystal & Rex Crushed the 90 Day Challenge Together!

crystal and rex before and after

I found Freight House Fitness through Facebook this summer. I kept seeing these transformation stories pop up in my news feed, and I was impressed with what I saw. After showing my husband Rex these stories, I told him that I thought we should just jump right in. The date for the next 90 day challenge was rapidly approaching, and I knew it was the opportunity we needed to quit making excuses. We both had reservations of how we would make it work with our busy schedules of kids and the life of being self-employed, but I was convinced that it was exactly what we needed. So I made some inquiries to which Sean had some quick replies and within a few days, there was no turning back! Rex and I have always shared a passion for health and fitness, so it didn’t take much to convince us and we were both eager to get started.


Before the challenge, we always tried our best to eat pretty healthy. But it was the gradual creep in of those yummy desserts and the lack of knowledge about portion sizes that kept us from feeling and looking the way we wanted to. Since starting the challenge, it was really great to learn about macros and percentages and how to keep track of everything that you eat and drink. I found that I was eating more than what I was used to throughout the day, but it was about what I was choosing to eat to fit within my macros that made all the difference. I loved the flexible dieting approach because it eliminated the guilt that can often come with eating. These are definitely skills and tools that we will utilize forever.


On the fitness side of things, we had fallen out of a routine of working out for far too long. So knowing that we would have accountability on showing up was the push that we needed as well to begin to see some really great changes. We both began to look forward to attending class and could feel our strength increasing. We love the style of these boot camps and enjoy pushing ourselves to see more results. Even after the challenge is over, continuing to be present and engaged at Freight House Fitness is just part of our routine now, and we hope to keep seeing more and more results. Overall, I lost 6 pounds and 5% body fat. Rex lost 10 pounds and 5% body fat.


We were far from perfect during this challenge and we even had a long trip to Europe in the middle of this challenge, but it was what we learned overall, the encouragement that we received from the trainers, and our commitment to staying the path that has helped us continue to reach our goals. We look forward to continuing our journey and are grateful that we get to be a part of such a great community!


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Amazing after photos by TheNewMeJourney Photography