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October 23, 2017

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Courtney Found Time for Her Health and Lost 13.5lbs!

Courtney Kaba After Photo - With Chalkboard


Before I joined Freight House in January of 2017 I was a regular gym goer. I ate healthy for the most part, worked out 5-6 times a week, but just wasn’t really getting the results I was looking for. Realizing I needed a change, I checked out Groupon and fell upon Freight House. At first I was a bit hesitant about joining, due to the fact I am currently in dental school taking 26 credit hours in a semester, but I knew that if I wanted to see a change I needed to switch up my routine. After trying my first class at freight house, I was sold. The trainers cared about my form, made me feel important, and encouraged me every step of the way. Also, workouts were only 30 minutes so even when my schedule became extremely busy, I could still find time to get a quality workout in.

After several weeks of coming to class daily, I began to watch my physique change. Previously, my workouts consisted of cardio and little to no lifting for double the time of a freight house class, so I was shocked to see results so quickly! Seeing so much progress in such little time inspired me to look even further into my health. Every week at the gym I would see people pushing themselves harder, going to multiple classes back to back and thought, “how in the world do they do that?” After a few months passed of me watching many others succeed at the challenge, I decided to stop making excuses and go for it myself. At first I was very hesitant to making such a big commitment since I am always at school, eating on the go, and frankly, I didn’t think that I could follow a plan for that long. Pushing these thoughts and insecurities out of my head I joined the 90 day challenge.

The first month of the challenge was a struggle with me. I found it tricky to turn down drinks, free unhealthy lunches, and peer pressure to just give up because “I look fine and am too young to worry about this”. Staying determined to succeed, I continued on. After a few weeks meal prepping became mindless, tracking macros was just part of the daily routine, and workouts began to get easier. Being in the health field, I always knew how important it was to fuel your body with the right nutrients, but didn’t really understand the extent of its importance until going through it physically. Changing my diet helped my overall energy level, helped me sleep better, and helped me focus better on school.

By months two and three of the challenge I wasn’t noticing a huge difference on the scale, but definitely in how my clothes fit. In response to the stagnant scale number, I began picking up the intensity on workouts, going to more classes, and began getting better PRs. I also was finally getting to the point where unhealthy food wasn’t as hard to turn down. Yes, I still craved sweets (I think that is something that will never change for me), but my progress and newfound energy levels helped me to limit myself to enjoying it all in moderation. Pinterest also became my savior and helped me find healthier sweet alternatives that tasted just as good!

As the three months came to a conclusion, I lost 13.5 pounds, 3.7% body fat, and 12 inches all around! Although I am pleased with my results, my fitness journey is not over yet. Results are seen due to life style changes, not just “fad dieting”. At the end of the day you make time for what is most important in your life, regardless of the circumstances. There will always be excuses to make, and it’s your choice to not let them hold you back from reaching your full potential.

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Courtney and Jenn

Courtney and Jenn ROCKED the 90 Day Challenge together!!

After photos courtesy of TheNewMeJourney Photography!