June 1, 2017

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Couple crushes goals in 90 days!

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     “My husband and I come from totally different fitness backgrounds. Even before we met, my husband was the type of person who would work out regularly and eat the “right foods”. Whereas, I had only visited a gym a few times before we met and was an emotional eater. Fitness had never been a part of my life, but my husband always made it a priority in his. We never seemed to be able to do anything active together.

We started researching some local gyms in the area for something different; something we might actually be able to stick to together. We started reading and seeing all the success stories from 90-day challenges at Freight House Fitness, and (with a lot of convincing from my husband) decided to try our first class out and we were hooked.

We knew the 90-day challenge would be a commitment with our stressful and busy schedules. My husband works 12-hour night shifts as a lab scientist and I teach 4th graders all day. Yet, even with our schedules we were able to make time to go to classes and to make sure we were eating what we needed to. The 90-day challenge taught us ‘flexible dieting’- eating what fits your macros (protein, fats, and carbs). We actually learned that flexible dieting isn’t really a diet; it is a lifestyle change. We are able to enjoy what we eat. Flexible dating has changed the relationship we have with food.

Since ending the (now two) 90-day challenges, we have been able to maintain our weight and eating habits. The gym is on our regular schedule 4-5 days a week and we are working with Tyler to continue increasing our strength to enter our first powerlifting competition in the near future. Freight House Fitness has become a place that continues to push us to be our best selves- inside and out.” – Farzaana

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