March 4, 2014

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Blog Post 01: Chasing A Dream

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Wow, this is really happening. When we stop and take a breath and look around our response is pure bliss. My fiancé Sean has had this dream of owning his own fitness studio for some time, a dream that never settled in him, it kept wrestling around on the inside and was always the forefront of his thoughts. Were dreamers, we all have little dreams, goals, and ambitions deep down inside of us and it’s just a matter of do we listen to those dreams or do we ignore them and act like it’s not really there.  God gave us this ability to dream, to desire to want more out of life. These little sparks that are planted within us aren’t there to just fade away. Those sparks are put there for a reason and to act on a spark is a beautiful thing.

Sean prayed, gave thanks, prayed some more and just gave it to god. He knew what his dream was, he knew what was laid on his heart but he knew he did not want to do anything that was not what god had intended.  So one Sunny cold December day Sean and I were driving around the West Bottoms just exploring, a usual thing we do, and we kept seeing building after building after building, vacant or being remolded and we came across one that was on the corner, beautiful structure and just looked like a place we would want to check out. Thankfully it had a big ol for sale sign on it so we called them up. As we get off the phone we drove by the building again to get a good look and we got flagged down by someone standing out in front of the building, it was the owner. He was concerned we were lost and we expressed to him were trying to get a hold of the owner for the building and he chuckled and said well that’s me, I’m your guy. Come on in I’ll show you around. As John is taking us on this tour of the Bliss Syrup building it was completely under construction and he’s telling us all about what he’s done to the building, what to expect and what he could offer. We were in shock, frozen from the cold but mostly just couldn’t believe what we were hearing. It was a Dream come true. We would get our own build out, with a rustic structure, and urban feel. The owner of the building was complete make up of a generous heart felt man. I don’t even think we processed much we just said well take it! We could not pass this up! As we left that afternoon we drove around the front of the building and I noticed these rustic Green Garage Doors  on the loading dock out in front of the building. Those were the same Garage doors Sean and I had taken our engagement pictures in front of a few weeks prior. We just started laughing, in pure awe of God’s work we just realized if these weren’t major signs we don’t know what would be. We had stumbled upon a great owner that hires guys from the half-way house to give them work and help them get back on their feet ( a ministry in a sense) , an affordable space with a free build out, and a place we made a beautiful memory in front of with our engagement pictures a few weeks prior. We were amazed and excited all at once!


Full Steam ahead we said! Sean was beyond ecstatic and knew this was it, this was the day and the dream he always longed for and God has blessed him with making it a reality. After reveling in all the excitement and thankfulness we went to work, hunting down reclaimed light fixtures, building pieces to use for equipment and planning a feel to the gym and executing how to bring that alive. When we talked about the gym we just really wanted a place for people to come and get an amazing workout, a place that will bring their spirit alive and a place they feel like they just want to hang out in. Since I (Kendra) have a strong passion for interior decorating I went right to work, paint colors, furniture, ambiance you name it we thought of it. Within weeks of finalizing the construction began, what a rush! Every time we went in there was a new wall up or piece of the floor laid, it was such a thrill to see it come to life.






Through this journey we have been keeping our eyes open and eager to learn and to evolve. With each new task it seemed as if it was a learning experience. How to hang mirrors, no clue, how to build plyometric boxes, not so handy with the saw, it just seemed we were in this constant season of learning new things and new task but I can honestly say it was such a neat experience to get our hands in on the construction side of things, being a carpenter for a season and learning patience, precision, and just getting use to being dirty.  We did it; the dream that was once a dream and seemed untouchable is now a reality sitting in our hands and ready to make an impact in not only our life but everyone else’s!



When you walk in the Doors of Freight House Fitness you feel the love, the desire to change lives and acceptance. You’ll get one hell of a workout paired with a passion to better your life and a desire from us to see you reach your goals not only in fitness and health but personal, family, work, and relational goals, whatever it may be we are the support to help you along the way. I strongly urge you to check out our Website and read our bios, get to know Sean and I and Come visit us. I promise you it’ll be the best change for a pursuit for a healthier happier life.