March 11, 2014

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Blog 02: Support Local Farmers

How great does it feel to get out in the brisk morning air on a gorgeous spring day and head down to the City Market where fresh bouquets are being made, samples of tasty homemade foods are being shared and a feeling of happiness fills the air.

The City market is not only a place I feel in bliss at but It just feels so good to support other families and their passions. Sean and I have been going down to the market for some years now and over time have developed relationships with farmers that we can trust, learn from and know that we are getting nourishing foods in a healthy natural way. Ah, music to my ears!  We have a farmer that comes from Moberly Mo and one that comes all the way from the Arkansas border to bring us their best meats eggs, preserves and veggies. To see the look on the farmer’s faces when you purchase their goods is a reward in itself. They are so thankful and appreciative of our business. It feels good to cut the middle man out and go straight to the source and to have that relationship that forms community. I encourage you to seek out a market in your area, get to know the farmers and their way of farming and ask questions. If it’s local and close by ask to take a visit to their farm, make a connection with the food you are eating. Think of food as nourishment and even a natural healer. So many foods when coming straight from the source and being grown in an organic way are packed with nutrients that are nourishing and even healing for our bodies.

Below I’ve listed resources for you to check out. Find one that works for you and make a little adventure out of it.( Some of the markets I’ve listed have winter hrs and some open mid spring) all markets and info can be found at


Featured Organic Farmers Markets

Kansas City is fortunate to have access to a number of Farmers Markets that only accept vegetable and fruit producers who agree to grow using organic methods. Organic growers avoid the use of conventional fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, and other biocides, and they strive to preserve the health of the living soil. In addition, the farmers at these markets who produce meat, eggs, and dairy products agree to avoid the use of synthetic growth promotants such as hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics.

BADSEED “Funky” Friday Night Farmers Market

[SNAP EBT + Double-$-Value Beans & Greens]
1909 McGee, Kansas City, Missouri 64108

2013 Summer Market Schedule: Every Friday, 4-9 PM, May 3 – Nov 22
2013/2014 Winter Market Schedule: Every Friday, 4-8 PM, Nov Dec 6 – Feb 28, 2014

Brookside Farmers’ Market

63rd & Wornall, KCMO – Located in the parking lot of Border Star Montessori School

[SNAP EBT + Double-$-Value Beans & Greens]

Kansas City’s market to visit for certified organic food
Saturday Mornings – beginning April 20, 2013 ~ 8 am to 1 pm

Howard’s Organic Fare and Vegetable Patch

900 E. 21st Street
Kansas City, MO 64108

24/7, 365 days a year

Howard’s Organic Fare and Vegetable Patch is a membership grocery supporting the relationship between local producers and consumers through a commitment to organic, fair trade and humanely raised goods. As a member of Howard’s you will have 24/7 access to the store allowing for good food, every day and anytime.

Howard’s Organic fare and Vegetable Patch is located in the City Ice building on Hospital Hill.

Visit for information on becoming a member, and to see the list of farmers.

KC Organics and Natural Market at Minor Park

“Uniquely nestled in a beautiful park, On the grass and Under the trees!” – Just East of Holmes on Red Bridge Road (at about E. 110th St),Kansas City, MO (one mile south of I-435 at Holmes Road)

Saturdays, 8 am—12:30 pm, May 4th—October 12th, 2013


Questions to ask when purchasing from a farmer.

-Are you certified naturally grown? ( it doesn’t have to be certified organic cause in most cases to be certified organic it takes the farmers a lot of time and money  and its not in their interest to do that)

good cert


-Do you rotate your crops? (It’s very important for the soil to stay healthy and good with mother nature.) yes

-Do you grow one crop on alot of acres? (When one crop is grown on a tone of acres it’s asking for pesticides.) no

-Do you use pesticides or chemicals on your crops? no

happy animals