December 26, 2017

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Bethany Stays Motivated and Loses 6lbs and 3.5 Inches!


I joined Freight House Fitness 2 months ago after my sister and I searched through all of Kansas City to find a gym that fits into my busy schedule, has group training classes and provides support from coaches to help keep me motivated.  I had always considered myself an active person and healthy eater; however life took over once I started my career and the time I used to dedicate to working out slipped away. I had gotten to my heaviest weight and the most out of shape I had been in my life. I had started my weight loss journey with my sister almost a year ago and although I had been successful with some “fad dieting” weight loss, I knew without the proper support and training I would just gain it all back, and I did. I needed a lifestyle change. And then I found Freight House Fitness through Groupon. I figured I would use the 5 week Groupon to get me back on track with being physically active and then could continue this on my own. But then I fell in love .. with Freight House Fitness and the coaches.

After beginning my lifestyle change at Freight House, I decided to join the 6 week challenge to keep me motivated and accountable for continuing to attend as many boot camp classes as I could along with what I had heard termed “Flex dieting”. Of course, my gut reaction was “great, another fad diet for quick results”. But man, I was wrong! Flex dieting or macro counting is the BEST diet I have ever followed! Mostly because it is not a “diet”, it is a way of life! This was the lifestyle change I was looking for. Counting my macros has never made eating so enjoyable and easy. I get to eat all of the delicious foods I love, in moderation. That for me is sustainable.

After this 6 week challenge, I have learned that my goal is long term. All that’s the way it should be. In 6 weeks, I lost 6 pounds and 3.5 inches off of my waist! Although I still have a way to go until I reach my final goal, I am proud of the progress I made in 6 weeks and cannot wait for the next 6 week challenge to begin!

Bethany After - Fitness



Bethany After - Chalkboard


Wonderful After Photos by Rob Smith Photography!