Arnica Before and After

June 15, 2017

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Arnica loses 22lbs and 8% body fat in 90 Days!

Arnica Before and After


After college, I had a countdown: “It’s been ___ days since the last time I went to the gym.” I was pretty active in high school and college, but after graduating I kept coming up with excuses, whether it was being too tired from work, the weather, not having laundry, etc. etc. At one point, I’d gone five months without stepping foot in a gym (which was literally two minutes away from me), and my eating habits got progressively worse. I was just breaking out of the college mindset that I could only afford ramen and cheap salads from the cafeteria, so I was buying pizza and Chinese food every other day. Every time I thought, “I need to stop,” I would try to crash diet and do intensive cardio, and every time I would fall off and gain back all the weight (and then some).

In January 2016, I stepped on a scale for the first time and saw myself at the highest weight I’ve ever been. This was a wake up call, but I was insistent on doing it by myself. I picked up (and actually enjoyed) running, and ate a very calorie restricted diet. I lost about 15 lbs. on my own, but by June I was plateauing pretty hard. My friend mentioned Freight House to me, and I said I would go with her. I was still unsure about paying for a gym and I went in skeptical and sure that I would hate it.

And I did hate it — because it made me very aware of how much I needed to learn and how I couldn’t do it on my own. I hate(d) the burpees and the sweat (oh my God the sweat). But I loved the soreness, sense of accomplishment, and, more than all that, the help and advice and welcoming I received from everyone. I never thought I would be someone who did (and enjoyed) heavy lifting. I never thought I’d be able to do ten burpees in a row without throwing up. I never thought I could feel this strong and confident. I participated in the 90 Day Challenge in the hopes of losing more weight and fitting into my clothes better; I came out with knowledge of nutrition that had never even crossed my mind, more stamina, more energy, and more strength. In 90 days, I lost 22 pounds, 8% fat, and 10 inches all around. More than that, I became strong enough to hold a three minute plank, squat 165, and flip a 500 lb. tire (with a lot of effort and struggle). I no longer think of pounds in terms of the scale; my goal is to increase my weight (the bar, dumbbells, etc.), not lose weight.

Joining FHF has kept me accountable and given me knowledge I wouldn’t otherwise have, things I could never really accomplish on my own. I owe so much to this community that has supported me over the past ten months.


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