March 24, 2017

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Amy gets leaner, stronger and gains knowledge!



“I have been a member of Freight House Fitness for almost 2 years now.  I have my friends to thank for pushing me to sign up.  At the beginning, the 90-day challenge seemed like something that the “in shape” people did to get more “in shape”.  I’ve seen these testimonies and said to myself, I will do that one day but I am too out of shape to do it now. I finally signed up when I realized the challenge isn’t just for people “in shape”, the challenge is for people who need a little push to become the version of themselves they’ve always wanted to be. That doesn’t mean losing a lot of weight, that means gaining a healthier lifestyle.

I started the 90 Day challenge never lifting more than a 15 or 20 pound dumbbells. During the challenge, I was hitting new personal records in deadlifting and squats that I never knew I could do! I dead lifted 185 pounds last week!! Sean and Kendra helped me learn that tracking what I eat means more than going to the gym for hours. They listen to what isn’t working for me and helped me make a challenge that fits my personal needs. By the end of the challenge I lost 27 pounds and 5 inches from my waist!! But what I really did was gain a new lifestyle. I may not always look like it when I am being asked to do burpees at 6am, but I have come to love going to Freight House Fitness every day!

Since the 90 Day Challenge, I have started personal training with Tyler St. Louis. Sean and Kendra lit the passion of getting fit, but Tyler is helping me reach my full potential. I go to boot camp classes 6 days and week with and do an additional 30 minutes with Tyler each week. He is also helping me keep track of my diet and even offered to plan meals between squat sets!

Fright House Fitness will never be just a gym to me, they are family.  I have them to thank for becoming a stronger person mentally and physically these past 9 months. My goal is no longer a number on a scale, but my goal has become a lifestyle. I wish to keep pushing myself to be the best possible version of myself. I hope anyone who is reading this and thought they aren’t good enough for the 90 Day Challenge realizes that they too can do it if they just believe in themselves!”