us lance

January 10, 2017

Where we came from

Sean and Kendra met in 2010. Sean was currently laid off from his job on the railroad and really wanting to make the leap into being a personal trainer. Kendra was a former athlete and always into working out for as long as she could remember. She even remembers using her mom’s ab roller when she was little in the living room while watching cartoons. Kendra knew Sean’s desires and she knew that Sean could be a great trainer. Kendra was working full time as a hair stylist and was super creative, artistic and had a passion for design. 

They had a few years of partying and really trying to find themselves and deal with their past hurts. In 2013 they went through an inner healing ministry at their church and it was at that moment they came together in their relationship and started to get a vision for Freight House Fitness.

Freight House Fitness was going to be a place where people were blessed with a feeling of being welcomed, loved and healed. Not just physically but mentally and spiritually. Sean and Kendra wanted an environment fueled by Kendra’s creativity and Sean’s gift of helping people accomplish their goals and become the best version of themselves.

Today Sean and Kendra are so blessed to have an amazing group of trainers helping them and a community filled with some of the most genuine, loving people around. This was their dream, their vision. This is Freight House Fitness!.